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About Us


Michelle Mulliss MSc is a leading natural health expert with clinics in Harley Street and Kent, and has had much success in the treatment for all health matters with a particular interest in women's health and fertility. She is internationally known for her treatment of fertility health and has partnerships with leading gynaecologists at Guys and St Thomas ACU, as well as The Fertility Partnership promoting fertility health for better pregnancy outcomes. Michelle has successfully created a reputation amongst many including VIPs and celebrities for her calming and positive approach to health. She has partnership with Champneys the UK's luxury health spa and provides retreats that focuses on health and lifestyle and writes for The Fertility Road magazine on all aspects of reproductive and women's health. 

Michelle has developed a unique approach to her food and nutritional concepts and has partnered with Kent Cookery School for her Cooking for Health workshops. In these workshops Michelle talks about her passion for food and brings her interactive approach of nutrition and health expertise in these fun yet informative cooking classes.  

Michelle has a unique ability to use a fully integrated approach for the management of health and has launched her unique brand of super foods to help couples trying to conceive, as well as the management of general health.

Food Concepts
Much research has shown the importance of eating a range of foods to enhance health whilst trying to concieve as well as during pregnancy and menopause. Fertile Foods has taken the success of Michelle Mulliss, an international Women's health expert to produce a range of high quality superfoods for a truly integrated approach to health.
How Can Fertile Foods Limited Help Your Health?

To obtain a variety of nutrients and minerals in your diet every day can be challenging and confusing. Synthetic supplements can provide some nutritonal support but is not always absorped in the way that natural food can be absorped and transformed into nutrients